Congratulations! You are on the ANTDIY plan list

Hi, this is the ANTDIY TEAM, how are you? everything fine?

I am writing to you today because we found that you rarely use ANTDIY to place orders. why? Should we improve our ordering system? Can you tell us?

In addition, we have a new plan, and I am very happy that you will be the first to understand this plan. We will use the settings of the game to let you understand this plan.

First round

Use ANTDIY to successfully place an order, We will give you free use of the automatic order function for a limited time for two months.

*The automatic ordering function allows your order to be quickly produced on AliExpress, saving the time of placing an order in the APP. Just log in to AliExpress to complete the payment, which can greatly save your time.

Second round

When you place more than 20 orders with ANTDIY, we will give you a surprise! And you can experience it here for a limited time for three months.

*What surprise? I can only say that there are cheaper sources of supply, if you are interested, then take action!

If you are interested
Then please leave “I want to participate” in the comment area
After that, we will record your order
When you meet the conditions, we will contact you by email
So please make sure is in your whitelist

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Let’s work together, we will be your most reliable partner in dropshipping !

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