48 Ways to Increase Facebook Followers and Likes in 2020

34. Hashtag It Up

While “hashtag” makes most people think about Twitter or Instagram, you can also increase followers on Facebook by using hashtags in your Facebook posts. 

When it comes to hashtags, there are two key approaches. You can either use a literal hashtag like #fashion for a fashion post, or you can use an audience-focused hashtag like Sephora does. 

This Sephora post isn’t about #fitspo (fitness inspiration) at all. But they likely used the hashtag to attract users who are interested in fitness inspiration to their brand. 

In this case, the hashtag helps Sephora reach a new audience with their post – an audience that could potentially become Facebook followers.


35. Offer a Coupon for Liking Your Facebook Page

The whole point of getting Facebook followers is to get sales. With the Facebook Likes Popup app, you can offer customers a coupon if they like your page. 

So not only do you get a potential new audience member, but the customer can redeem the coupon to get a discount on their purchase. 

This exit intent app is perfect for those who are looking to gain social proof on their Facebook page and maybe score a couple sales too.

facebook likes popup app

36. Get Tagged by Customers

After a product has been delivered to your customer, send an email (if they accepted marketing) and ask them to tag you when they post their photos. 

People often share their products on social media and getting tagged by customers can help you get more Facebook followers… and more sales. 

The audience pull will be smaller, but this word of mouth marketing is more impactful since it’s authentic.

37. Create a Facebook Group

Topical groups can be an excellent way to reach prospects and increase engagement. Create an industry related group directed at your target audience and use it to build relationships and trust.

38. Tag Other Pages In Your Posts

When you tag other pages, your posts appear on their wall and may spark interest for your brand from the owner’s community.

39. Offer True Value

Post content that meets a need for your readers, your posts will get liked and shared and this engagement will lead to new likes for your page. Pay attention to what’s happening in your industry and offer unique insights.

40. Comment on Blogs in Your Niche

Leave insightful comments on other blogs in your niche. Make sure to link to your company Facebook page when asked for a URL.

44. “Autograph “Your Posts

When you post on other walls, add an @ tag for your company page as a way to sign off.

45. Add A “Like Us on Facebook” Link To The “Thank You” Page On Your Website 

Customers are more likely to engage when they’ve just made a purchase they’re happy about.

46. Cross Promote 

Form a partnership with a complimentary page in your niche. Agree to cross promote to help each other.

47. Join Relevant Industry Groups

Engaging on groups related to your business can drive traffic to your company page. If readers like what you have to say they will hover over your name and see your about page, which should include your company page URL.

48. Use Hashtags 

They don’t work as well on Facebook as they do on Twitter, but they can still attract new fans.


Now you have the lowdown on how to increase followers on Facebook. 

There have been a lot of big changes happening at Facebook over the past few months, but that doesn’t make Facebook any less of a powerhouse. 

It’s still the most popular social platform. And their 2.60 billion monthly active users is no joke. 

All these users can translate into huge growth opportunities if you play your cards right.

Hopefully, some of these tips help you increase the number of Facebook followers you have  so you can keep smashing your business goals.

How many Facebook followers do you have? Comment below!

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