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Here are the top characteristics of the best trending ecommerce products in 2020:

Difficult to Find: If the product is unique, people will definitely try to search for it. This means the demand will be high. Many ecommerce store owners will try to introduce the product on their stores. Now, you have to take the lead and start marketing it.

Price Is Not Available: Make sure that consumers can’t find the actual price of the product. Most of the dropshippers are buying products from AliExpress and selling products online on their ecommerce stores. Make sure that your customers can’t find the price of the product easily.

Not Sold Within Country: Make sure the product is not available within the country. If the product is available in the country, in brick and mortar stores, then why will people buy it from your estore?

Available for a Healthy Markup: On average, dropshipping products range between $10 & $40. This is because people can easily spend this amount online to buy products. The behavior is called buying on an impulse. Anything that is above this price tag makes people skeptical. And, they start to think ‘will they get value from this product?’ or ‘should they buy it for this price?’ They then end up comparing prices on various ecommerce stores and buy from those that have the lowest price.


According to Business Insider, he described e-commerce as a “tremendously challenging, frequently unprofitable business” and insisted that consumers want to interact with “brands and products and people” face-to-face. Bonobos’ “guide shops” inside Nordstrom are its most profitable business.

Despite digital first start-ups such as Casper, Glossier and Rent the Runway attaining $1 billion valuations this year, studies regularly find online selling continues to be price driven. Primary purchasing incentives include free shipping, free returns and coupons.

A less talked about challenge is the climbing costs of customer acquisition and online’s lackluster retention rates. Matt Alexander, CEO of Neighborhood Goods, the start-up specializing in bringing digital native brands to physical places, recently told Crunchbase News, “Customers acquired offline have five times more lifetime value than those acquired digitally.”

1. Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a popular site that sells both iPhone cases as well as accessories.

Pro tip: Instead of limiting yourself to just iPhone cases you could include Android phones, too!

2. Trunkster

Trunkster is a company that sells high-quality luggage (that they’re always selling out of!).

That tells us that luggage is a highly popular item you could dropship for next to nothing! Both kids and adults use luggage for vacations and family road trips, which means you could be selling material all year long.

3. 6PM

6PM is an awesome eCommerce store selling designer items for children, men, and women at a discounted price.

Clothes, accessories, and shoes can be a goldmine for new eCommerce store owners because they’re constantly in demand!

4. Hello! Lucky

Hello! Lucky is a company that supplies a wide range of letterpress cards and stationary.

Cards will never go out of style – from birthday cards, anniversary cards, baby-to-be cards… they’ll always be in demand!

Tip: You can get custom made cards or, if you’re feeling crafty, make and design your own cards to sell!

5. Greetabl

Greetabl is a company that allows you to send personalized gifts to friends, family, and loved ones for less than $50.

This idea would be awesome for you to replicate, but you’d have to be on top of it at all times. You’d be filling the personalized boxes with what customers ordered. If you’re up for it, you could make a killing!

6. Tattly

Have you ever wanted to test out a tattoo before getting one for good? With Tattly, you can!  

You’re able to choose fake tattoos drawn by real artists to see if they’re, well… right for you!

This could be a great opportunity for you as an up-and-coming eCommerce store owner. You’re able to go wild with the tattoos you choose, too!

7. Newegg

Ah, Newegg! The place where you can buy computer systems, electronics, tools and more.

There are so many dropshippers that sell electronics (and accessories) for next to nothing. If you’re tech-savvy, why not give this a go?

8. Toy Shades

Sunglasses are one of the most popular accessories (next to watches, of course).

ToyShades sells high-quality sunglasses for both men and women, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at selling them! There are so many designs to choose from – there’s no doubt in our mind that you’ll be able to create a profitable eCommerce store selling sunglasses!

9.  Bremont

Like we said, watches are a popular accessory that both men and women enjoy.

Bremont is an awesome store you can snag some inspiration from. Both their pictures and products will inspire you to create an eCommerce store focused around watches!

10. Belford Slims

Electronic cigarettes are a pretty popular alternative to regular cigarettes (they’re said to be better for you – but proceed with caution, smoking is still dangerous!).

Bedford Slims sells eCigs and sells them well. They’re definitely a company you can take inspiration from for your own eCig eCommerce store!

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