How to import products to 【My products】

Importing products to the shopify store requires two steps, so that it can be finally displayed in the shopify store after completion.

First step

Import to the [Import List], where you need to modify the product information so that you can be profitable.

Modify product information, delete unnecessary information
After editing, click the blank space to save, and click [Import to Store] after the [Operation Successful] is displayed

There are 3 ways to import here, you can check these two guides.

Second step

Import the modified products from [Import List] to [My Products], that is, import them into the store, so that you can see the products in the store.

The products imported into [My Products] are the products in the store

Here you can delete, manage variants, and overried the product. You can also click to enter the shopify editing interface and AliExpress product interface of the corresponding product.