General Import Product Questions

1.Search Products

This is the page under “Manage product” -> “Search Products”. We have guided in the Ali Express product searching web page here. So you can directly search for the products that you want to import to your store here without transfer between web pages. The products that you chose will be collected at “Import List”.

2.Import List

This is the page under “Manage product” -> “Import List”. Here you can finish up your product editing such as changing price, pictures, description, and variants (different options like colors for one product); you can split, remove, or override products. There are more options like changing title, add collections, types, tags.

3.My Products

Here you can see all the products on your Shopify store whether it is imported by ANTDIY or not. And you can use filter option to see which products are removed from Shopify or which one is not available on Ali Express anymore.