7 key marketing preparations for Black Friday

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Black Friday is approaching. For e-commerce sellers, the post-Thanksgiving shopping boom has become an opportunity to interact with customers who are excited to take advantage of seasonal promotions and provide purchase gifts to relatives and friends (or even themselves).

In the past, consumers usually flocked to their favorite shopping malls, but now, many people can shop online from the sofa while enjoying the food and family entertainment of the previous day. In fact, according to data from Adobe Analytics, online sales on Black Friday in 2019 reached a record $7.43 billion, an increase of 23.6% over 2017.

The black helmet looks different from the background of this year’s holiday shopping season in terms of safety precautions and economic recession. With some major retailers announcing the closure of stores, online sales may still be the biggest year.

Here are three tips to help your online store prepare for this busy shopping day.

1、 Prepare & Test Your Site

Site speed is probably the most potent traffic killer. More than 50 percent of your site visitors will leave if pages don’t load under three seconds! So let’s start from there.

PageSpeed Insights 3

Fix your PageSpeed issues with Google’s PageSpeed Insights

A slow website will cost you sales – and fast loading will help you sell more. . Walmart increased conversion by 2% for every second they reduced page load times. In a study, 88% of site visitors say that they won’t return to a site if they had a bad experience.

Test your site for speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix. And then implement the recommendations you get from these tools. For each tool, you’d just enter your pages’ URLs and have them analyzed for speed and other optimization factors.

PageSpeed Insights highlights issues and opportunities with your page and gives you an astute report on how to fix it.

pagespeed insights diagnostics black friday marketing ideas prepare your website

GTMetrix gives you a similar breakdown of your page’s performance and what needs fixing.

Latest Performance Report for http techwriteresearcher com GTmetrix

It’s also important to make sure your page works as well as on Mobile.

PageSpeed Insights 2

2、Plan your social media posts

You might remember the days when excited Black Friday shoppers would plot and map out their shopping strategy days in advance. Today, they’re more apt to browse around online and click over to an eCommerce website on a whim.

That’s why it’s crucial to cultivate an active Black Friday social media presence. To ensure you don’t miss out on your own holiday plans by continuously posting on your business social media channels, plan your campaign strategy in advance.

Use the days and weeks heading into Thanksgiving to tease your Black Friday promotions and create interest in your offerings, then schedule posts to run throughout the day. Use existing hashtags that are already capturing traffic, such as #BlackFriday, #BlackFridaySale, and #BlackFridayShopping, to be part of the conversation.

3、Update Your Product Descriptions

If you want to sell more, product descriptions go a long way towards making your product irresistible. We covered the eight easy rules of effective product descriptions here, but here are three to get you started.

  • Use Power Words That Sell

So you know your audience. Now, what words mean something to them?

Those are the “power words that sell.” They arouse emotions, provoke action, and make your products irresistible.

If you know your audience and what they want, you can use these words to establish a connection with them and your product. And there are literally hundreds of these words for you to use.

  • Optimize for Search Engines

Make the search engines aware, so they can help share your message. Or what’s the point with putting your stuff online if you’ll let it die in obscurity?

  • Use Good Product Images

I sell on Amazon. And we say, “Image is EVERYTHING.” Successful Black Friday marketing campaigns run on great product images.

In summary, write a product description that focuses on the buyer and her pain. One that touches her emotions, and moves her to buy. Describe your product in ways that connect with her. Say words she cares to hear. And mean them.

4. Reach out to existing customers

Get into the holiday spirit by giving gifts to your loyal customers. Black Friday is an ideal opportunity to thank them for being part of your journey with an exclusive surprise deal, such as an extra discount.

Other promotions for existing customers could include an offer on a purchase now and in the future, or a buy-one-get-one deal that makes them feel rewarded for their loyalty. You can also enlist the power of social sharing with an incentive for recommending you to their personal networks.

5、Plan Out Your Marketing Content Calendar

These planned assets should be ready weeks to launching your Black Friday marketing campaigns. Luckily, you can leverage HubSpot’s content template for free here, and there are plenty of resources online.

content calendar
Hubspot’s Content Calendar

Use content to capture both human and search engine attention. Create a content calendar that details what content assets you want to share, and when you want to share them. Specifically, you want to develop your

  • Images and graphics
  • Black Friday social media posts
  • Ad, email, and website copies
  • Giveaways and special discounts plans

Be sure also to include and schedule posts for social media and use catchy Black Friday phrases in your post.

6、 Prepare for Discounts and Sales

black friday marketing

Figure out which items you can discount, which items you cannot; figure out which items you want to sell more of, and which you want to sell less of.

Remember, I said you don’t need everything in perfect order to launch your creative Black Friday campaigns? That advice works for discounts and sales. You don’t have to discount all your products.

You want to reduce prices on products that your customers will perceive as valuable to them. But not on everything you sell.

7. Convert bargain buyers to return customers

Yes, customers might have been enticed by a Black Friday sale, but savvy eCommerce retailers give them reasons to stay with relevant content.

Take advantage of their excitement and interest by capturing their contact information and adding them to your email list for future communications. Offer them a reward to opt in, such as a small discount off a future purchase that they can use once the holiday rush has subsided.

Then make your first communication something special related to your product or the season. For example, if you sell accessories, create a fun video showing how to incorporate your pieces into the latest fashion trends. If you sell wellness products, send them a light-hearted article on how to make the holiday season less stressful.

As you plan your strategies to engage customers heading into this holiday shopping season, aim to surprise and delight them to keep them coming back for more, long after Black Friday is over.

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