How to import products to 【Import List】

Importing products is divided into two steps, importing to 【Import List】, and importing to 【My Products】. Only after the product is imported to 【My Products】 will it appear in the shopify store.
The first is the method of importing to the 【Import List】.

ANTDIY has three ways to import products:

  • Import in the search interface ☆☆☆☆
  • Copy and paste the url ☆☆☆
  • Use ANTDIY Google Chrome ☆☆☆☆☆

1、Import in the search interface

Enter keywords in the ANTDIY product search interface, after searching, you can directly click to import to the 【import list】

The products here are all popular products of AliExpress. If you can’t find the product you want here, you can go to the official website of AliExpress to find it.

2、Copy and paste the url

Once you decide what products you want to sell, you can add them to your Shopify store by following the steps below:

From here you can use the search tool, browse product categories or collections to locate your desired products.

  • To add a product, copy the URL of the product details page.
  • Go to the 【Import List】 page of ANTDIY, click the ” Import product by URL ” button, paste the URL into the input box and then click ” Import “, the product will now appear on the 【Import List】 page.

3、Use ANTDIY Google Chrome

This is the fastest way.If you haven’t installed the plugin yet, then you can check this download guide—-How to Use the AntDIY Chrome Extension (ACE).

To be able to import products from the website, you will need to install the AntDIY Chrome Extension(ACE).

  • Type in any keyword in the search tool or use the category filter on the left side to see product listings.
  • Move a mouse on the product to see the ANTDIY icon next to it. The ANTDIY icon also appears when you are on the specific product page. Take note, that the ANTDIY icon doesn’t appear on the supplier’s store page, therefore, you will not be able to import products from it.
Click on it to add the product to the Import list. 
The product information interface can also click to import

After successfully imported to the [Import List], you can edit the product information here, or add tags, and then import to [My Products], the import method can be seen in this guide—-How to import products to [My products] .