Why do most sellers use AliExpress for dropshipping?

If you know the dropshipping business, you will find that whether it is oberlo, dsers, shopmaster or topdser, the service provided will have AliExpress support, and almost all sellers are looking for products from AliExpress, as if there are no more AliExpress, dropshipping will be impossible, so why does AliExpress have such a high status?

AliExpress is an important way for sellers to find suppliers. If you don’t know AliExpress, then your business will not be smooth. AliExpress has many functions and services that other single suppliers cannot match, whether you are using oberlo or dsers, You can’t bypass AliExpress.

Why do I not need any start up money or capital?

Well, in this case, it actually holds true. Let me explain:

Due to the fact that these makers mass produce products, they can market them for pennies on the dollar.

We’re chatting elegant precious jewelry for under $0.30 a piece, nice tee shirts for $1, and also electronics for a few dollars that you can re-sell for $50 or more.

” However I still need to acquire items, so I need some money!”

Actually, you do not. That’s where the drop shipping comes in.

You do not have to acquire a point until you get an order on your website (which you can set up with SaleHoo Shops). So you spend for your products with the money your customers pay you.

Currently, you might be assuming …

” What about shipping costs? It’s originating from China – it should set you back a ton!”

Nope. With the innovation of ePacket delivery, you can get these products from China for free. (Or at the most, a buck or more.).

The only startup money you need suffices to get a domain and holding. So less than $20.

Currently, let’s talk about what you in fact need to do.

How Dropshipping With AliExpress works

Dropshipping simply suggests when your consumer buys from your site, you purchase the thing from your Chinese vendor as well as they deliver the thing to your customer. You don’t require to hold any inventory or bother with packaging and also shipping.

Dropshipping from AliExpress requires you to initial established a shop or have a place to market your products, like Amazon.com or ebay.com.

When a client purchases, you position the order with the seller on AliExpress. The vendor ships the things and you keep the distinction in rates as revenue.

When the thing is sent out to your customer, they think it’s from you. There’s no factor to recognize it’s a dropshipping procedure.

As you grow as well as scale your shop, you can send wholesale orders to these providers for better rates as well as terms. That’s why it’s so important to choose the ideal distributors from the start and build a relationship with them.

Yet what concerning returns?

We’ll discuss those later in this guide. In the meantime, allow’s talk pros and cons.

Aliexpress Dropshipping: pros and cons

There are great and also negative things to making use of AliExpress for dropshipping. Right here they are:.


  • AliExpress has a data source of thousands of countless products. You’ll be hard-pressed to not find the thing you’re looking for.
  • Starting a dropshipping service with AliExpress is one hundred percent complimentary. Various other services like Worldwide Brands and also Doba fee thousands of bucks in startup and regular monthly fees. This can be a significant problem for someone that is trying to obtain their ecommerce company off the ground with minimal funds.
  • You regulate your very own profit margins. AliExpress rates are extremely low as well as allow you plenty of earnings.
  • Item patterns appear on AliExpress over night. When a product like Fidget Spinners shows up, you can wager that you’ll have the ability to locate it on AliExpress.


  • Delivery can take more than a month in many cases. However, ePacket shipping to the United States as well as a couple of other pick countries takes 12-15 days. Bundles no more need to be carried by boat, so transport time is much faster now.
  • You can not bundle items. If a customer orders 3 things from 3 different suppliers, there is no chance for them to come to the same time.
  • It takes a few days for your credit card to be verified in the beginning. If you established a store, make certain you construct enough time right into your first sale so you don’t have angry waiting customers.
  • Vendors on AliExpress may not talk the very best English, which might result in interaction issues.

3 Tips to Assist You Prosper in AliExpress Dropshipping

Prior to I leave you guys to start your very own dropshipping service, here are 3 last ideas to aid you be successful in your new dropshipping endeavor.

1. Ask the vendor to NOT include a packing slip, billing, rates or samples.

While some of your even more smart consumers will probably exercise that you’re dropshipping your items, you must do what you can to make this much less obvious.

One method of doing this?

When you place your order, include a note and request for your provider to not include any kind of advertising or packaging slip materials in the package.

2. Avoid selling products that infringe on copyrights.

AliExpress is chock-full of developer knock-offs …

… however I would certainly advise staying clear of these like the torment.

If you don’t state (clearly!) that these are copycat items, you could get unsuspecting consumers that purchase them, assuming that they’re getting reduced top quality products.

When they ultimately obtain their item, and realize it’s not the genuine deal, be prepared to have your inbox flooded.

On the other hand, you can specify that these aren’t real developer products on your site …

… but this simply seems like you’re throwing down the gauntlet.

I mean, popular designers seldom take legal action against small-time eCommerce shops, however you never ever know.

At the end of the day, it’s much easier to just offer non-branded things!

3.Make use of the AliExpress associate program

Still not exactly sure whether you intend to start into the world of dropshipping?

If you’re still being reluctant, here’s a less complicated option which you might be curious about:The AliExpress associate program!

You established a website as well as promote different AliExpress items on this internet site.

When your visitors have an interest in getting the item, they click the links on your site, as well as they’re redirected to AliExpress.

When they make their acquisition, the AliExpress vendor pays you an affiliate fee.

Your work is just to get clients intrigued about the product …… you don’t need to location orders, deal with enquiries, or handle returns.

And you’ll get a minimum of 8.5% commission!

In contrast, Amazon.com associates obtain 4% compensation generally – so AliExpress absolutely isn’t stretching a dollar when it concerns rewarding their affiliates!

A Final Word On Dropshipping From AliExpress.

  • No stock required.
  • No shipping expenses.
  • Minimal capital.

What much more could you request?

It does not matter if you’re residing in a 1-bedroom apartment as well as have no space to maintain your supplies.

Heck, it does not even matter if you’re residing in your mom’s basement.

All you require to do is to spend $20 approximately for your domain and also your Shopify account …… and also you can obtain your dropshipping service established.

And also: 22-33% of online stores have embraced dropshipping as their key method of order fulfillment.

This means that dropshipping is a tried-and-tested version, and also one that’s definitely rewarding.

Time to quit being an employed staff member, as well as start developing a service you can call your very own.

It can be seen that even AliExpress, which is recognized by most sellers, has shortcomings. Is there any way to solve these shortcomings, such as the problem of translation. As we all know, AliExpress is a Chinese website, and the contents are all translated from Chinese to English, so there will be some places where the translation is not good, and their shopkeepers are all Chinese, there will be obstacles in communication, but if you import goods through ANTDIY, you can improve this. In addition, you need to manually paste the URL from AliExpress to the shopify store, but you can use ANTDIY to shop with one click, intelligent pricing, and automatic order placement. All you need to do is lie on the sofa. You want to unlock more ANTDIY and AliExpress’s functions, come and join our official Facebook Group.