How to Use the AntDIY Chrome Extension (ACE)

What Is the AntDIY Chrome Extension (ACE)?

The AntDIY Chrome Extension is a free automation tool which helps to run a dropshipping business more efficiently. You will need the AntDIY Chrome Extension only if you dropship products from AliExpress.


The ACE works only on the Google Chrome browser and only on the computer. It will not work on a tablet or mobile phone.

You can install the Google Chrome browser here if you do not have it.
You can install the AntDIY Chrome Extension here

Once you open the ACE installation page, simply click on the blue button “ADD TO CHROME”. Follow the steps to complete the installation. The AntDIY Chrome Extension icon in the top-right is gray by default, which is correct.


  • The ACE lets you import products to your Shopify store directly from the website in only a few clicks.

Issues with the ACE

If you face any issues while importing products, you should try removing and installing the AntDIY Chrome Extension again. 

Different error notifications indicate different cases; therefore, you can check out the other articles on the antdiy website for the detailed explanations or contact our support team.