How to Add more Products from with the AntDIY Chrome Extension(ACE)

To be able to import products from the website, you will need to install the AntDIY Chrome Extension(ACE).

Importing Products

1. Go to the website.

2. Type in any keyword in the search tool or use the category filter on the left side to see product listings.

3. Move a mouse on the product to see the AntDIY icon next to it. The AntDIY icon also appears when you are on the specific product page. Take note, that the AntDIY icon doesn’t appear on the supplier’s store page, therefore, you will not be able to import products from it.

4. Click on it to add the product to the Import list. 

5. Go to the Import List in ANTDIY.

6. Customize products and click on the “Import to store” button to make the product appear in your Shopify store.