How to Use the Variant Mapping Feature

Understanding the Variant Mapping Feature

ANTDIY has a “Variant Mapping” feature, which can be used in these cases:

  • Find alternative sources for products that have gone out of stock
  • Find alternative sources for products which are not imported by ANTDIY in the “other orders”
  • Connect a new source to your existing products
  • Merge different suppliers’ products into one Shopify product

For example, let’s suppose you find a shirt available in Small, Medium, and Large offered by one supplier, and that same shirt offered by a different supplier in Extra Large. With variant mapping, you can combine these into one product that offers the shirt in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Note: Variant Mapping feature is available on Basic and Pro subscription plans. Considering the impact of COVID-19, we have specially opened this function for you on free subscription plans. You can try it for free until the end of 2020.

How to Map Variants

To map multiple product variants into one product, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the My Products page.
2. Click on the product you want to map additional variants.
3. Click “Manage variants”. 

4. Click “Add Product” and paste the product URL you want to connect. You can connect up to 5 different products.

5. In the “Manage Variants” section, from the drop-down change the product source and select the corresponding variant.
6. If you want to add a completely new variant, click “Add Variant”, give a name to your variant and click on the ”Create Variants” button.

7. Select the product and the corresponding variant. You can add up to 100 variants to one product.
8. Once you are done, click “Save”. 

How to Unmap Variants

If you want to remove some variants or products, follow these steps:

1. Go to the My Products page.
2. Click on the product you want to remove variants from.
3. Click “Manage variants”.
4. Click on the trash bin to remove the unwanted variants.

5. If you want to disconnect the connected product, click “X” next to it.

6. Once you are done, click “Save”.