Do these well and make your store as eye-catching as Bayern

Daily hot news: Coman, a French international, guided his header into the bottom corner to add yet another trophy to his cabinet.The 24-year-old has won the league title in every season he’s spent as a professional player, starting with PSG’s Ligue 1 victory in 2013.

Meanwhile, it’s yet more European disappointment for PSG which was playing in its first final.

The French champion, which was also bidding for a treble, has become obsessed with winning the Champions League since Qatar Sports Investments bought the Parisian club in 2011.

More than one billion dollars has been spent on the playing squad but stars such as Neymar and Kylian Mbappe were unable to get their side past a dominant Bayern which is still unbeaten in 2020.

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e-commerce is growing, and shoppers are willing to shell out big money for the products they love. 

But to get your piece of the action, you need powerful marketing strategies to drive quality traffic to your store. 

Often this means thinking outside of the box and implementing techniques your competitors overlook. 

And that’s what I’m going to focus on here—creative ways to quickly increase e-commerce traffic. Ones customers can’t resist. Do these well and make your store as eye-catching as Bayern

table of Contents

1. Add an Instagram Gallery

2. Get a Traffic Boost from Paid Advertising

3. Choose the Right Social Media Networks for Your Business

4. Social-media campaigns with purpose

5. Push users to leave reviews

6. Buy misspells of your domain

Social Media Engagement: The First Step on the Path to Increased Online Sales

1. Add an Instagram Gallery

As of March 2019, Instagram had one billion users, with more than half of them using the platform every day.

People love it for a lot of different reasons. 

But one of the biggest is the crisp, clean, professional images you find on Instagram.

Most of the pictures look great, and by featuring the products you sell on Instagram, you can pique the interest of many shoppers and compel them to browse your selection.

Of course, you can simply feature products on your Instagram account. 

But you can take it one step further and use an even more potent strategy, which involves integrating an Instagram gallery into your e-commerce store. 

Here’s an example.

Glow Fashion Boutique is a women’s clothing and accessories brand that sells dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, and more. 

A big part of how they generate leads and attract customers is through their Instagram account, which currently has 12.2k followers.

Integrating a gallery like this is an excellent way to increase e-commerce traffic from Instagram and simplifies the purchasing process for shoppers.

So if Instagram is your bread and butter, this is a technique to experiment with.

If you run your store on Shopify, Shop Instagram & UGC is the perfect plugin to use. 

It offers a bunch of cool features like tagging products on Instagram photos and allowing shoppers to add items to their cart and buying them from Instagram images on your site without additional searching. 

I also like that it’s so user-friendly and doesn’t take a lot of technical know-how to figure out. 

Or, if you use Magento, they have something similar with the Instagram Feed Widget

2. Get a Traffic Boost from Paid Advertising

Earlier, we discussed knowing your audience as a way to better target them as potential customers. It’s possible to optimize your targeted marketing communication using paid social media ads.

Facebook ads and Promoted Tweets, for example, can give your social media efforts a major boost, driving more traffic to your site. There are paid advertising opportunities on all the major social media platforms, and some are more sophisticated than others.

Facebook offers the most ad formats, including photos, videos, carousel, slideshow, and canvas, so you can tailor your ad content to the format that shows it off best. The ad platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and other networks let you define your target audience based on age, gender, location, and other demographic criteria, then your ads will only be shown to users that fit the audience profile you specified.

After you’ve determined which platforms fit your audience and marketing goals the best, look into the paid advertising options available on those platforms.

3. Choose the Right Social Media Networks for Your Business

Social media networks don’t reach the same kinds of audiences.

The age of the average Facebook user is skewing older these days, whereas Instagram is used predominantly by young adults. 

Pinterest is used by more women than men. Twitter users tend to be college graduates.

The demographics of your audience should be the primary factor in choosing which social media platforms you’ll use, and unless you have a huge amount of time to spend on social media marketing, you should limit the number of platforms to two.

The type of post content that’s supported by the different social media networks varies greatly, so selecting the platforms you’ll use is a big step. That decision will allow you to narrow down what your posts will consist of.

If you’re going to use YouTube, you’ll need to dust off your director’s cap, if Instagram or Pinterest, your photographer cap. If Twitter posts are your plan for driving eCommerce traffic, you’ll have to fine-tune your marketing copy.

One pitfall you should avoid is using the same content in posts across all your social media outlets. It may be tempting to create a generic post and blast it to multiple social media channels. Such posts will never capitalize on the unique capability to support rich content that the various networks have.

It’s important that you choose social media outlets that align with the demographics of your target audience and then exploit the strengths of those networks with the kind of posts you create.

4. Social-media campaigns with purpose

Social campaigns are a no brainer but often poorly executed. If there’s one thing to understand it’s this: Social campaigns shouldn’t be used to drive leads but to drive brand awareness and engagement.

Social media is an opportunity for ecommerce brands to engage with their customers. To once again make their customers the hero. Don’t shy away from asking questions, being concerned, and genuinely caring about your fans. When your customers know you care about them, they’ll start to really care about you.

But besides engaging with customers, it can also affect your traffic volume. For instance, Google+ is tied into the Google search engine algorithm. Google looks for social signals when ranking websites and pages. Building a robust community that actually engages with your posts will increase the likelihood of your blog posts or product pages ranking higher within the Google search engine. Thus driving more traffic.

5. Push users to leave reviews

By now, most ecommerce sites and storefronts have the capability to receive user reviews; however, most sites are not effectively pursuing this strategy. Did you know that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Each user review has an immense impact on the purchase decisions of your customers.

So how does this impact traffic? First off, user reviews are unique and relevant content. Second, user reviews keep your static pages fresh and search engines love pages that are constantly refreshed with new content. Third, people who take the time to leave reviews are generally the people who take the time to share their experience with friends. User reviews give your product pages higher chances of ranking as well as more social engagement.

6. Buy misspells of your domain

This is an often-overlooked strategy by most online businesses. Most companies focus on buying domain variations like .net or .org, but fail to buy misspells. Let’s take modest swimwear line LimeRicki for example. At the time of publication LimeRicki could buy: (available) ($6,425) ($1,250) ($299) (available) (available)

These are just a few of the dozens of misspells for If you own 50 misspell of your domain and each misspell averages 10 visits, you’ve essentially increased your traffic by 500 per month or 6,000 visits per year. It can add up really quickly depending on your per visit value.

Social Media Engagement: The First Step on the Path to Increased Online Sales

For the owner of an eCommerce website, there’s a three-way connection between social media engagement, increased website traffic, and higher sales that cannot be ignored. An online store will perform better if the owner engages with customers using social media, primarily because it will increase the number of visitors to the site.

We hope you follow the advice provided in this article and that your social media campaign leads to increased traffic and sales. When your campaign has been running long enough that you have some measurable results, you’ll be glad you captured pre-campaign KPIs. That data will help you know if your efforts are working.

If you pay attention to the seven key factors we’ve presented here, you’re sure to mount a social media marketing campaign that gets more traffic to your online store and earns you a hefty increase in sales.

Are you using social media to bring people to your website?

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