It’s Not You, It’s Your Story: Why Branding Matters

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In today’s fast-paced, overly-automated, and digitally-driven society, humanity is becoming the new premium. The internet constantly rewards us with convenience and instant gratification, making the human touch increasingly more scarce and coveted.

In this environment, businesses can no longer afford to be faceless entities. To survive, businesses need to connect with audiences, pull at their heartstrings, and engage with them on a much deeper level than seen before. That’s where brand storytelling comes in.

Brand storytelling is the cohesive narrative that weaves together the facts and emotions that your brand evokes. In addition to giving your customers reasons why they should buy a product or service, businesses need to start sharing the story behind their brand, why it exists, and why this matters, consistently across all communication.

Brand storytelling is no longer a nice to have. It is a need to have, and what will ultimately maximize your business’s visibility, profit, and impact. Treat it as a compass for your marketing strategy, and the result will be a brand that is as profitable as it is captivating.

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table of Contents

  • Consumers Recognize Your Brand
  • Consumers Trust Your Brand
  • Consumers Feel Connected to Your Brand
  • You Can Shape Customer Perception
  • Your Brand is your Proposition for Disruption
  • More than customers, build a tribe
  • You have got to Unleash Your Rebel Voice.
  • In a sea of sameness, be unforgettable.

Consumers Recognize Your Brand

One of the main reasons you should build a brand in the first place is so that consumers can recognize your business. Ultimately, you want your customers to see one of your ads and immediately know it’s from your business, even if your logo or business name is nowhere to be found. When consumers are at this point, it means that they truly know your brand.

When people recognize your brand on their social media feeds or billboards around the city, they are more likely to think of your brand when they are ready to make a purchase. For this reason, your brand should be consistent across all marketing channels — traditional and digital. Your brand should also tie into your product/service experience.

When branding is done right, consumers feel certain emotions when seeing your brand. For example, if you have an adventurous brand, consumers should be inspired to run up the closest mountain upon seeing your ad. If your brand is more nostalgic, certain happy memories should be triggered by your brand.

A consistent brand also includes customer experiences. Consumers who interact with your brand should see your brand values in action when they make a purchase, and they should be able to recall those values when they see your logo. When you are recognizable to your customers, it sets you apart from the competition.

Ultimately, you want your customers to see one of your ads and immediately know it’s from your business, even if your logo or business name is nowhere to be found.

Consumers Trust Your Brand

People stick with brands because the brands are predictable. Even if the consumers know they aren’t getting the best service, there is comfort in knowing exactly what to expect. Humans feel better about a company when they can anticipate its next moves.

When it comes to brand consistency, predictability is critical. Consistency makes consumers trust your brand, and that consistency leads to more positive feelings toward your brand. Consumers should know what to expect and what the outcome will be. If they feel like your brand is constantly changing, they will be confused and assume that they can’t trust your business. They will start thinking that your business and its values could change at any moment.

When it comes to brand consistency, predictability is critical.

Consumers Feel Connected to Your Brand

When consumers start to recognize your brand and anticipate the actions your brand will take, they can start connecting with your brand on an emotional level. This can lead to them feeling like they personally know your business.

When your customers know your brand, it is easier for them to identify with your mission and values. That connection will increase the chances of them purchasing one of your products or services, or recommending your business to others. In fact, 64% of consumers say that having shared values is one of the top reasons they trust a brand.

You want your business to trigger certain positive emotions in your target audience. Those emotions can then be evoked when the consumer sees your brand’s logo or hears your brand’s name. Consumers that feel connected to you and your mission are more likely to be loyal to your business.

You Can Shape Customer Perception

Controlling brand consistency also means that a business has control over how people perceive their brand. Customer perception is all about how a customer feels when they think about a brand. Brand consistency allows businesses to mold that perception into a clear and concise message that is positive.

Businesses can embrace that consistency throughout the buyer journey. Marketing messages that build off of each other are stronger because they are able to tell a story. Plus, when there is an unspoken customer perception that is understood by everyone in the room, an ad has to say less to convey a message.


Your Brand is your Proposition for Disruption

It’s how you tell your story that creates a lasting impact. And is the key to your standing out and your success.

Most entrepreneurs go into business / into the marketplace with an idea, not a brand. This idea can be so deeply soulful and personal that it is hard to explain it to others so they get it. You are so passionate about it, you have the expectation that people should just “Get it” and understand what you are doing—but the truth is They Don’t.

And that is why you need to develop a Brilliant Brand Message that is effective.

One of the most frequent things I hear is, “People just don’t really get what I do or understand the value of it and I am absolutely the best.”  Inside you are thinking WTF.

Your Brand is your story and if you can’t tell it in a way that is relevant and meaningful, nobody will get it.

If you catch yourself making that statement (people just don’t get it) then your problem is not that you aren’t good at what you do or that your work isn’t life changing…You don’t have a strong enough personal brand and don’t know how to talk about it.

Your Brilliant Personal Brand does the Talking for You

And if you can’t communicate the value of what you bring to the world then you have got a BFP (Big Freakin’ Problem) right? So how do you solve this?

Branding is about knowing what you stand for and how you communicate the values and character of your product or service.

More than customers, build a tribe

When crafting your messaging, think about what your audiences truly need from you (in addition to a product or service).

Take Apple, for example. They sell technology, but from the beginning, their audience needed to feel that it was okay (and even encouraged) to be brave, bold, and think differently from the crowd. Tesla’s customers need to feel that it’s worthwhile to support the environment and sustainable energy.

For a brand to take off, it needs to become so much more than your product and service — and that’s where storytelling comes in. Think about what emotions, values, and ideas you can offer your audience. What do you want them to walk away feeling when they interact with you? What sort of value are you offering them every time they engage with your content? What does your brand mean to them, beyond what you’re selling?

Use your story to create a deep emotional connection: start conversations, ask for engagement (no strings attached), involve your audience in what you do as a business. Turn your brand into an experience they can consume — that’s what will turn customers who pay for your product/services because they need to fix a problem into a rabid tribe that will support your success, follow along, be loyal, and comes back for more.

Once your audience knows, trusts, and likes you, they will more likely buy from you. At the very least, you’ll have created relationships with people who will become advocates for years to come.

You have got to Unleash Your Rebel Voice.

I work with my clients to do that and understand what they are actually about. And what they stand for and how to create a brilliant brand that represents them.

If you would like to begin that journey you can download Unleash Your Rebel Voice on my website and start your personal brand journey right now. When you do this right not only do you understand your branding story… you get crystal-clear about your purpose, mission and value.

And when you are spot on you can sum it all up in one word. I know that sounds Audacious (that’s my brand, wink wink).

In a sea of sameness, be unforgettable.

It’s a crowded marketplace out there: there are tens of millions of content being created, and even more being shared every day. Businesses are spending billions of dollars worldwide fighting for seconds of attention from audiences that are being bombarded with similar messaging. The internet has democratized marketing by making it accessible, but in the midst of this, it’s also made it very difficult for quality brands to stand out.

It’s not enough to have a quality product or service, you need to know how to talk about it in a way that differentiates you from the crowd. That’s why brand storytelling is so important.

Instead of throwing facts, statistics, and testimonials at your audience, focus on making your brand thoughtful, memorable, and real. Wrap your message into a story that transports people, simplifies information, and provokes an emotional response. Use narrative to share your brand’s history, challenges, successes, and value propositions — no other brand can copy YOUR story.

Storytelling will not only increase your brand favorability in your audience’s eyes, it can also be up to 22 times more memorable than facts.

Ask yourself: what do you want to be remembered for? What is the message you want to transmit to your audience, and what do you never want them to forget? Consider the emotion you want to evoke in your audience every time they interact with your brand. Your audience may forget what you say, but they will not forget how you made them feel (which is important because emotions drive purchase more than logic.

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