Logo is the soul of a store

This is the most important step in the process of creating my own brand. Why do you want to create a brand? Oh this is too important, if you still can’t convince yourself, then you can take a look at this .

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When you’re considering all of the factors that go into building a business, creating a logo might not seem like a top priority. 

“Maybe I don’t even need a logo at all,” a little voice is whispering in the back of your mind. 

Don’t listen to that voice; he couldn’t be more wrong.  Having a logo is an integral part of making your brand a successful one – right up there with having high-quality products and positive referrals. 

So, why is a logo important? Because it grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, is the foundation of your brand identity, is memorable, separates you from competition, fosters brand loyalty, and is expected by your audience. 

Let’s take a deeper look at all of these points below. 

7 Reasons Why a Logo is Important

1. It Grabs Attention

Attention spans are short these days – especially consumers’.As things stand, companies have about 2 seconds to convince potential customers that their products are worth any consideration.

A logo can quickly grab viewers’ attention and communicate a company’s core values in an interesting way. That short attention span – you know, the one that causes consumers to judge your business by its appearance – can work to your advantage, if you have a solid logo to speak for your company.  

2. It’s the Foundation of Your Brand Identity

Successful branding is about telling a story that will influence customers’ emotions – plain and simple.  

And, while it’s true that logo design is only a part of a company’s brand, it serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which the brand is built.

Colors, tones, fonts – all of this is determined by the story you’re trying to tell, and your logo sets the stage for this story.

These elements will later translate from your logo onto all of your branding materials – letterheads, business cards, landing pages, you name it – creating a concrete, marketable brand identity.  

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3. It Fosters Brand Loyalty

creative store logo

Say it with me: Consumers crave consistency.

As your brand grows, your logo is going to become more familiar to a wide range of consumers, and this familiarity creates the perception that you’re trustworthy and accessible.

Think about it: When you’re out shopping for workout gear and suddenly spot track pants with the Nike swoosh, you’re instantly ready to buy. Why? Because with Nike apparel, you know you’re in safe hands; Nike is a brand you trust. Trust is built on a well-designed logo, and brand loyalty is quick to follow.

Once they like you, your customers are going to seek you out again and again – and your logo is the thing they’ll look for first.

4. It Makes a Strong First Impression

team logo

You have one chance to get this right.

A logo is a company’s first introduction to consumers. If designed well, it can pique the interest of the public and invite them to learn more about the company; if not, you’ve just alienated a potential customer base and basically tanked your business.

(We’re kidding – sort of.)

This first impression is your way to immediately communicate ownership over the product(s) you sell or niche you dominate.

Do you offer women’s basketballs with an enhanced grip? Is your financial advice particularly helpful for solopreneurs? Your logo introduces your company as an authority in your professional space from the get-go.

5. It Separates You From Competition

logo merchandise

Dare to be different with your logo, because your company logo tells consumers why your business is unique. Sure, maybe there are 50 other coffee shops in your city, but yours is the only one that’s committed to sustainability, and your green, earthy logo drives that message home.

A well-designed company logo can communicate everything from the company’s background (professional, relaxed, fun) to their mission (entertainment, efficiency, and innovation) through the right icon or proper font.

In other words, your logo is the forum to both convey your values and show consumers why you’re not like your competitors – you’re better.

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6. Your Audience Expects it

Eagle-Insurance logo

Your logo is the first thing that your audience will look for when they see any communications from your brand. It should be front and center of all your marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, advertisements, etc.

If you don’t have a logo (and one that stands out), then you are missing an opportunity to make your business stick in the minds of your audience.

7. It’s Memorable

Anne's coffee logo

Your logo leads the horse (your audience) to water (your company).

Logos are a point of identification; they’re the symbol that customers use to recognize your brand. Ideally, you’ll want people to instantly connect the sight of your logo with the memory of what your company does – and, more importantly, how it makes them feel.

Because a good logo is a visual, aesthetically pleasing element, it triggers positive recall about your brand that the name of your company alone might not.

And, if we’re all being honest, some of your audience will likely forget the name of your business (don’t take it personally – it’s human nature), but they’ll immediately associate your logo with their memories of your brand.

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5 Qualities to Aim for When You Design Your Own Logo

No matter what kind of business you’re designing a logo for, there are five key qualities all well-designed logos have in common, which you should be familiar with and aim for as you start to make your own logo.

1. Simplicity 

This is key when creating a successful logo. A simple logo is easy to recognise and remember, as well as easy to use in a variety of media. Here’s an illustration of simplicity in a logo:

how to create your own logo

2. Relevance 

Through the colours and imagery you use, your logo should reflect the image you want your company to convey. You make sure your logo is relevant when it gives viewers a good idea of what your business is all about. Notice the medical symbolism in this psychoanalyst’s logo:

how to create your own logo

3. Timelessness

Your logo should avoid being so trendy that it looks dated 10 or 50 years from the day you put the finishing touches to it. Here’s a logo sample with a classic look:

how to create your own logo

4. Memorability

The whole point of your logo is to identify and differentiate a brand, capture the viewer’s attention, and leave a positive and lasting impression. It stands to reason, therefore, that the best logos must be memorable. It’s hard to forget the bird symbol on this logo:

how to create your own logo

5. Versatility 

Logos need to be versatile because they need to work across a variety of media. You should be able to scale them down or up, use them in print or on the web, and they should look great under any circumstances. This black and white logo with a touch of gold is very versatile: 

how to create your own logo

Now that you’re clear about the five qualities your logo should have, let’s look at how to make a logo—How to Make Your Own Logo Design

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