How to Design Your Own Logo and slogan Online

The logo of a shop consists of two parts: a pattern and a slogan. Of course, simple patterns and slogans are also possible, but if you want to convey complete emotions and values, then it is best to have both. The logo can strengthen the vision. Effect, the slogan will deepen the impression and accurately convey the meaning. However, professional logo slogan design companies are not cheap to bid, and sometimes they can’t achieve the desired results perfectly. Therefore, the most popular one is to design online by yourself. Then let’s see how to operate.

How to Design Your Own Logo Online

If you don’t draw or in spite of the ideas and prompts you jotted down in step 1, you find yourself staring at the blank paper not knowing where to start, a logo maker can help.

logo maker like this one at Placeit is a do-it-yourself logo design generator: 

Placeit logo maker
Design your own logo with the help of the Placeit logo maker tool.

This tool was created specifically for novice logo designers who may not yet have developed the skills needed to know how to make a logo or for more experienced designers who need a bit of help with fast-turn-around jobs. 

A logo maker provides you with a wide choice of logo templates which you can easily customise by tweaking the graphics, fonts, and colours to make your own logo.

Say you want to create a logo for your or a client’s photography business. Well, just follow these five simple steps to discover how to design your own logo online in a matter of minutes.  

1. Navigate to and sign up for FREE!

Once you’ve signed up for Placeit, you can create an account and log in to it:

do it yourself logo design
Log in to your Placeit account to begin creating a do-it-yourself logo design.

2. Browse the Logo Templates 

Enter the name of the business you’re creating the logo for and search for your industry by clicking the drop-down menu in the search bar that says All Industries

Say you’re creating a logo for a photographer called Mona Smalls. Just type her name in the bar and select Photographer from the drop-down menu. All the templates designed specifically for photographers will appear with the name Mona Smalls on them. 

Browse the templates and select the one that most appeals to you:

do it yourself logo design
Here’s an example of photography templates customised with the name you chose.

3. Open the Logo Maker 

When you click on your chosen template, it’ll open up in the logo maker. For my example, I chose the Design a Photography Logo template shown here:

do it yourself logo design
Choose the template design that best fits your needs.

4. Customise Your Logo Template

You can now customise your logo template as much or as little as you like, based on the adjectives and colours you identified in Step 1. The adjectives I’m using for this photography business are feminine, modern, and calm. 

Starting with the controls on the left and working from top to bottom, you can add text and change the font style and colour. I changed the business name to Mona Smalls. Then I changed the font to a more feminine style. Next, I changed the colour of the font to a lavender hue, which I consider both calming and feminine: 

do it yourself logo design
Notice the new colour and font.

Moving to the controls on the right and working from top to bottom, you can change the background colour, the graphics, and their colours to ones that better reflect your goals for your logo. 

I wanted a graphic that had a modern touch, so I chose the clean, geometric graphic of an eye with a camera shutter inside it, which gives me a modern spin on familiar camera iconography. Then I changed the colour of the icon to reflect my colour scheme. Finally, I removed the background colour from the logo as I wanted a transparent background that I felt would be more useful on a number of different media: 

do it yourself logo design
You can make a logo with a transparent background.

Scrolling down the page, you’ve got two additional options:

  1. You can see your selected colours applied to different logo styles for more design inspiration.
  2. If you get stuck and need even more logo ideas, you can try one of the presets offered. 

Here’s a look at some of the photography logo presets:

do it yourself logo design
Presets can help you design your logo if you get stuck.

Best of all, as you design your own logo, you can make use of the state-of-the-art mockup tool at the bottom of the page, which shows your logo in a range of real-life scenarios:  

do it yourself logo design
Use the mockup tool to see your logo design in a real-life scenario.

5. Download Your Logo

Once you’ve completed your customisations and are satisfied with your design, hit the Download button at the top of the screen and download your design for a small fee. Or if you regularly need to create logos, flyers, posters, social media banners, etc., then the monthly Placeit plan may be the best deal for you. Here’s a look at my finished photography logo with a transparent background:

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5 More Logo Samples Designed With the Placeit Logo Maker

Here are a few templates for other businesses to give you an idea of the range of designs available. 

1. Online Logo Maker for HR Recruitment Agencies

Customise your own logo in minutes with this do-it-yourself logo design template. With the Online Logo Maker for HR Recruitment Agencies, you’ve got a choice of colourful gradients, backgrounds, several graphics related to business and human resources, and a good range of layout options to help you create a logo that will stand head and shoulders above your competition’s.

how to design your own logo online

2. Coffee Shop Logo Maker with Coffee Grains

If you run a coffee shop and need to know how to create your own logo, the Coffee Shop Logo Maker is a terrific template that offers a wide selection of beautifully illustrated logos that will help you create your own distinct style.  

how to create your own logo how to design your own logo online

3. Logo Maker for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is quite the rage these days, and if you’re looking to create a logo for your cryptocurrency business, take a look at the Logo Maker for Cryptocurrency template. Customisation is easy, and the template offers a range of great graphics to choose from. 

how to design your own logo online

4. Yoga Studio Logo Generator

Need a zen logo for a new yoga business? The Yoga Studio Logo Generator may be just what you’re looking for. The template offers beautiful background gradients in soft and soothing colours, a wonderful array of graphics depicting various symbols, yoga and meditation poses, and a wide selection of fonts and colours. Use the logo maker to try out different looks, and you’re sure to find a combination that captures exactly what you had in mind. 

how to design your own logo online

5. Red Carpet Party Planner Business Logo Maker

Setting up a new business can be quite demanding and stressful, but figuring out how to make your own logo doesn’t have to be. The Red Carpet Party Planner Business Logo Maker is specifically designed for party planners and includes a wonderful range of graphics with you in mind. Using the logo maker, in just a few minutes you’ll have created your own brilliant logo and can move on to the other tasks on your list. 

how to design your own logo online

Do It Yourself Logo Design With Envato Elements

As fabulous as Placeit’s logo maker is, it isn’t the only option for great logo templates. If you’ve got a bit of experience working with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, then Envato Elements has tons of great templates to help you create the perfect logo: 

do it yourself logo design
Envato Elements has hundreds of logo templates available to help you design your own logo.

Now let’s look at the logo template designs from Envato Elements:

1. Photography Logo Pack

how to design your own logo

For example, I found this great Photography Logo Pack as an alternative to the logo I designed for the photography business example mentioned above. It offers 40 logo templates with over 130 different elements, including photography icons, decorative swashes, flowers, and more, which you can use to create your own unique logo. The files are available in AI, EPS, and PNG file formats, which are editable using Illustrator or Photoshop. 

2. Car Wash Logo

how to design your own logo

The Car Wash Logo template is another great option if you’re wondering how to make your own logo for a carwash business. Simply download the template, open up the EPS and PSD files in Illustrator or Photoshop, and customise as needed.  

3. Vivacity Logo Template

Vivacity Logo Template

Vivacity Logo Template is a great abstract logo template that you can use for a variety of businesses. The package comes with customisable AI and EPS files that make it easy for you to change the colours, shapes, text, font types, positions, and size. 

These are just a few of the many great logo templates available at Envato Elements, and you can download as many as you want for one low monthly price. 

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How to Design Your Own slogan Online

Creating a great tagline can frustrate you if you don’t know where to start. But you need not worry because slogan generators can help you find a catchy phrase within seconds – for free.

In this article, we will show you a list of the best tagline generators. These tools can help you find some fresh ideas, or you might get the answer straight away.

To get your creative juices flowing, try using these seven best business slogan generators below.

1. GetSocio

GetSocio free slogan maker

This slogan creator from GetSocio works by using a set of randomized templates. In generating taglines, this tool will insert the keyword you enter into their templates.

This slogan maker also provides plenty of categories — boutique, coffee shop, startup, etc. — that can help to specify the results.

2. Shopify Slogan Maker

Shopify's landing page

Similar to the three previous tools, Shopify’s free slogan generator also provides thousands of taglines for you.

By using a streamlined algorithm, this tool generates tagline ideas by including your keyword in all the results. However, you might find some suggestions that are nonsensical and not relevant to your business.

3. Zyro 

Zyro's Slogan Generator

This AI-powered business slogan maker from Zyro is one of the best tagline generators on our list. By adjusting the system with thousands of queries, this tool can generate excellent ideas for your advertising slogan.

Not just adding your keyword into the suggestions, this tool also tries to show ideas that relate to your company. Some taglines don’t even include your keyword in them.

To use the tool, enter your keywords, and the system will process it within seconds. Once it displays a list of suggestions, you can copy the file and paste them elsewhere.

If you want to refresh the page, click on the Generate Your Slogan button, and it will show other tagline ideas.

4. Within the Flow

Within the flow's free tagline generator

Besides being free and easy to use, Within the Flow tagline generator also provides thousands of results to inspire you in creating your business slogan.

Using this free slogan generator won’t take much of your time. Just enter a word, and a list of results will appear within three seconds.

After finding a tagline, you can also launch a Shopify store directly from the website by clicking any slogan from the list.

5. Sloganizer

Sloganizer tagline creator

While some slogan makers may give you absurd results, Sloganizer can generate creative tagline ideas that relate to your business.

Providing you with one slogan at a time, enter your word and keep clicking the Sloganizer button until you find the catchy slogan that you’re looking for.

6. Design Hill

Design Hill Slogan Maker

Design Hill’s tagline creator gives you hundreds of short and punchy tagline ideas for your business. Optimized for branding and marketing, this free tool works based on your keywords.

To use this slogans generator, enter a keyword and click the Generate button to show the suggestions. You can copy your favorite slogan by clicking on the copy icon at the right-hand corner of the tagline.

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What Makes a Good Slogan?

Your slogan should convey the goal and values of your business. It sets you aside from other competitors and helps your customers to know what to expect from your business.

To make your brand memorable, choosing a short and straightforward slogan will do the job. A simple yet catchy slogan can stick to people’s minds like a song that you cannot get rid of.

A good slogan also uses the tone of your target audience. Considering your target market helps you to communicate the right message to your prospects.

Make sure that you can apply your slogan in the present and the future. Creating a timeless slogan prevents you from changing a tagline from time to time.

Even though creating a good tagline is not easy, it will satisfy you once you get the perfect slogan for your business.

Our Pick for a Slogan Generator

To create a business slogan, you don’t need to spend money. With the help of slogan makers, you can get catchy taglines for free.

Here are the slogan generators you should try to find slogan ideas:

  • Zyro Slogan Generator — gives you slogans that relate to your company.
  • Design Hill Slogan Maker — shows a bunch of catchy slogans that you can copy with ease.
  • Within the Flow — has thousands of slogan ideas for your brand’s tagline.
  • Oberlo Slogan Generator — provides suggestions based on your keyword.
  • GetSocio Slogan Generator — has many slogan types that you can choose to help you specify the suggestions.
  • Shopify Slogan Maker — inspires you with thousands of slogan ideas that relate to your keyword.
  • Sloganizer — displays the slogan suggestions one by one.

If you’re looking for tools that give you the most reasonable tagline ideas, then slogan creators from Zyro and Design Hill will be great for you. Using their tagline generators will save your time from going through a bunch of results that won’t work for you.

Design Your Own Logo Today

Learning how to make a logo from scratch is quite challenging, but like everything else in life, practice is the key. Use the tools at your disposal like the logo maker from Placeit and the ready-made templates at Envato Elements to help you design your own logo. Between the two, they offer hundreds of beautiful templates that will help you create beautiful logos in no time. 

Follow the steps outlined here, check out the templates, and let us know in the comments below if you’ve found the perfect logo for your company and which one it is. We’d love to hear from you.

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