48 Ways to Increase Facebook Followers and Likes in 2020

Earlier in 2020, I decided to jump into Facebook in full force and increase my follower count. 

And guess what: my most successful online store grew to 54,000 Facebook followers. 

On top of the assurance that my team and I were nailing it – not to mention the huge ego boost – all those likes served another powerful purpose.They allowed us to build an engaged community of people who loved our niche and, more importantly, our products. Which fueled the beautiful cycle that led to more sales.

But enough about me. How can you make this happen for your own store?

Why Facebook Organic Reach Is Declining

There are two major reasons:

  1. More content is being published than there is news feed space for it to be shown.There are more than 30 billion pieces of content published every month on Facebook.
  2. Facebook provides only the most relevant content to each user.In order to increase engagement and optimize user experience, the content shown is tailored to each user’s individual interests.

Can businesses keep succeeding with this decline in organic reach? Absolutely.

You can still get tons of traffic from Facebook.

The network’s rapidly growing Ad platform has somewhat cushioned the damage for those who’ve capitalized on it. The advertiser count to date has surpassed 4 million.

Knowing this, should marketers really worry about organic reach?

Wouldn’t we be better suited to focus on our business objectives and leverage paid marketing options?

Yes and yes.

Here’s why.

Why You Need To Think About Declining Organic Reach

Organic reach is important for several reasons.

Reason 1:  To nurture more leads and organic conversions

Many people use social media solely for brand awareness.

That’s fine – but it leaves so much opportunity on the table to drive real results for your business.

Lead generation is one of the missed opportunities.

It also happens to be the linchpin of any successful marketing campaign.

You need to attract potential buyers and funnel them into your sales funnel. When you do this organically, it won’t cost you anything besides time and effort.

In turn, the price of converting these potential buyers into actual buyers will be less.

That’s because the results of an organic campaign tend to snowball. This means that when more people engage with your content, it adds context to your campaigns.

The more organic reach that you have, the better your lead generation and conversion funnels will work.

Reason 2: To keep the Cost Per Click of your paid campaigns low

Yes, Facebook’s ad product is one of the most intuitive and impressive that we’ve ever seen.

And yes, the sophistication of the audience targeting options is every marketer’s dream.

How to Get Facebook Followers

Here are 48 ways that I found useful:

1. Use Images 

Captivating, relevant images can be a great way to spark engagement and reach for your page and posts.

2. Keep it Interesting

Most people unlike a page because the posts are uninteresting. Keep your fans engaged by posting content that meets their needs or addresses their pain points. Industry news, product releases, and behind the scenes content can pique interest.

3. Use Facebook Social Plugins

Use Facebook’s Page Plugin (formerly the “Like” box) on your other socials sites, website and blog. A like button next to your blog post will increase shares, but the Page Plugin can help you boost likes.

4. Add A Link To All of Your Emails

Make sure to include a link to your company page in every email you send out. Your email signature is the perfect place so it’s automatically added to every email sent.

5. Invite Your Subscriber and Customer Lists

If you offer a subscription, like a newsletter, make sure to invite your subscribers. They’re already interested enough to subscribe. Ask them to “Join our Facebook Community” or “Write on our Facebook wall” instead of the usual “join our fan page.”

6. Engage With Similar Pages 

Engagement works two ways. Regularly leave insightful comments to relevant posts related to your area of expertise. Make sure your comment comes from your company page not your personal page.

7. Cross Promote on Other Social Sites 

Be creative. A simple “like us on Facebook” might not be enough. Point your Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections to relevant content or discussions happening on your page for a more powerful impact.

8. Use Contests

Contests are a great way to get people to like your page. Make sure the prize has perceived value. Promote your contest through your email list and website and make liking your page a contest requirement.

9. Tell Don’t Sell, Use the 80/20 Rule 

Keep your promotional content to a minimum. Stick to interesting content rather than selling. Use the 80/20 rule. Make 80 percent of your content informational and informative and the other 20% promotional.

10. Link From Your Personal Page

Link to your company page from your personal page. Create a link from your place of employment.

11. Run Facebook Ads

If you’re trying to figure out how to get Facebook followers, the most obvious solution is Facebook ads. 

You can run “Engagement” ads, which help you increase the visibility of your brand on Facebook. Although, to be frank, any ad you create will likely bring an increase in followers, even “Conversion” ads. 

If Facebook users like the ad content, they’ll likely engage with the post and potentially like or follow your Facebook page. 

So, if your main goal is to get store sales, you can run a conversion ad and still increase Facebook likes to your page. To learn more about Facebook advertising, check out this Facebook ads questions video.

Engagement Facebook Ads

12. Invite People to Like Your Page

The easiest way to increase Facebook followers is by inviting people to like your page. The lowest-hanging fruit here is to invite your friends and family

Once you start running ads for your store, Facebook will occasionally send you notifications asking you to invite people to like your page. 

I found that typically if I ran engagement ads, I’d get a higher number of people that I could invite to like the page. 

However, even though I manually invited people, I eventually got temporarily blocked by Facebook. So you need to pace the number of people you invite at a time. 

Also, if you do get temporarily blocked, Facebook might still send notifications telling you to invite people. But you still won’t be able to invite anyone. Wait a day or two before trying to invite more people. 

You can also invite friends and family to like your page. However, keep in mind that it’s better to have a small, targeted audience than to have a big, broad one, as it could limit the effectiveness of your future ads.

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Shopify: This year is the best time to start dropshipping

Shopify Inc. is stepping up its competition with Amazon.com Inc. by adding another U.S. partner, Affirm Inc., to capitalize on the surge in online shopping during the pandemic.

The Canadian e-commerce giant is working with Affirm to offer flexible payment plans to U.S. consumers. The partnership means merchants using Shopify’s platform will be able to offer an instalment plan that gives shoppers the option to split purchases into four payments. It’s expected to roll out before the end of the year.

By forming an alliance, Affirm believes it can help Shopify attract younger consumers who are looking to avoid credit cards with high interest charges, said Affirm chief executive officer Max Levchin. “We’re excited to help them convert those shoppers,” said Levchin, who was one of the founders of PayPal.

Shopify shares have risen 148 per cent this year, making it Canada’s most valuable public company as COVID-19 shutdowns forced retailers to gravitate online. Investors have also been enthusiastic about the company’s partnerships with larger companies including Walmart Inc. and Facebook Inc.


Now, shopify can be said to have a bright future. Many companies have reduced their revenues and even faced mass production due to the epidemic, but shopify has doubled their revenues due to the epidemic. This also means that dropship has already begun a pandemic in 2020, so here At that time, dropshipping is very likely to be successful, because you don’t have to pay too much advertising fees. Now who doesn’t know that Shopify has made a profit.
If you are preparing to start dropshipping in 2020, you should know these contents. If you miss these contents, then you will be easily drowned in the crowd. After all, there are too many people who want to join shopify now.

table of Contents

  • Dropshipping Includes Worth to Client Experience
  • Running a Dropshipping Organisation Calls For Effort
  • The road to dropshipping success needs hard work
  • Product Saturation Does Not Exist
  • There is no such point as product saturation
  • Consider the Biggest Variables Prior To You Start Dropshipping
  • Long Shipping Times Is an Outdated Rumor
  • The Amazon Fear
  • You Don’t Need to Be a Facebook Ads Expert

Dropshipping Includes Worth to Client Experience

That’s what leads some people to think that dropshipping is a scam. Among our visitors asked what stops individuals from mosting likely to AliExpress and also acquiring products themselves? That visitor also raised the issue that friends and family might assume that they’re being scammed. Well, dropshippers include value to the consumer experience that they don’t get when they go straight to AliExpress. Bear in mind, AliExpress is not easy to navigate. There are great deals of providers marketing the same products, and also their descriptions aren’t English.

On top of that, there are countless delivery options which can feel truly international to individuals going shopping on AliExpress. Yet even if you don’t take the consumer experience right into account, dropshipping still isn’t a fraud, which’s because entrepreneurs are not bound to sell items to customers at the most affordable possible price. They’re only bound to market the items they say they’re selling. So if you sell canine outfits for three times markup as well as someone buys that costume from your store, you really did not fraud them, you used them an item and the consumer identified that it deserved $25 to get that pet dog costume from a reliable store right then and also there. The consumer verified your credibility with their budgets.

Incidentally, I anticipate this to release a firestorm of comments, and also I invite them. Leave your ideas listed below. We’re not attempting to hide anything concerning this business version, we have actually seen it help hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs. So the a lot more we can begin a conversation concerning what dropshipping actually is the better.

Running a Dropshipping Organisation Calls For Effort

The various other point we listen to a great deal regarding dropshipping is that it’s a get-rich-quick scheme. If you have actually gotten this impression from us, please let me understand. Because we have actually attempted to represent dropshipping as something any person can be successful in as long as they work hard as well as stand firm when faced with setbacks. In fact, on YouTube, we just deal with associates that do the very same. Our affiliate arrangement states the following:

Among the most fundamental parts of the Companion Program Agreement is that as a Shopify affiliate you aren’t permitted to make deceptive or deceptive cases, warranty revenues or assurance possible sellers success.

So if you see YouTubers guaranteeing that you’ll make seven figures in a week after you take their program recognize this, they are not our associates. We don’t think it’s true that you can make a specific quantity of money in a set quantity of time, and also we don’t desire you to think that holds true either. When we do speak with dropshippers about making 6 figures in a year, we’re not speaking about their very first shop. We’re generally talking about their fifth and even 50th shop.

Ding: If you are looking at this line, then you can skip it. AliExpress dropshipping everyone knows, ANTDIY can do AliExpress dropshipping, but why can only be AliExpress? China’s supplier collection websites are far more than this one. 1688 is a supplier collection website that is larger than AliExpress and is the largest source website in China. It is a wise choice to use 1688 for dropshipping. But the problem is that 1688 is a Chinese website. You need translation to start 1688 dropshipping. ANTDIY can solve this problem. In addition to AliExpress dropshipping, ANTDIY can also do 1688 dropshipping, but this is still a membership function. You can send us an email to make an appointment. Start the brand new 1688 dropshipping.

The road to dropshipping success needs hard work

The thing is, once these dropshippers fall short and also learn they develop the guts as well as the expertise to do things right. And also scaling an effective shop can occur quickly after you’ve had every one of those understandings. Some points are simple regarding dropshipping, for instance, importing items is very easy. But getting consumers to in fact purchase those items is hard as well as it takes method. An excellent analogy below is watching people play soccer or football. Any person can subjugate a sphere, however to be an expert you really need to exercise and also sharpen your abilities.

On the topic of dropshipping, YouTubers, I also want to address this concern. If dropshipping works, why do so many individuals offer dropshipping training courses? You may think, dropshipping actually doesn’t function because of all the dropshipping YouTubers selling courses, yet a number of these dropshippers offer training courses due to the fact that dropshipping is tough as well as they recognize that they can generate income on the side by educating others how to be as effective as they have actually been. The various other point you need to keep in mind is that these dropshippers are hustlers, they enjoy locating brand-new income streams. Some of them are great running several dropshipping shops, but others prefer to run a single dropshipping store and afterwards offer their know-how.

Prior to you begin dropshipping, know that it requires effort

Product Saturation Does Not Exist

I’ve interviewed Chris Wayne, Monster of Ecom, Scott Hilse, and also others who offer training courses, and I can inform you from experience, they are doing just great with their dropshipping stores. Here’s something I listen to a whole lot, “It’s 2020, dropshipping is filled.” Oh boy, I have been thrilled to resolve this claim. I do not wan na obtain all nerdy and also discuss market saturation, however you leave me no choice. Market saturation develops when the volume of a product in a provided industry has been taken full advantage of. Then of saturation, a business owner can just expand their business with brand-new items, by taking market share from rivals or from a surge in customer demand. dropshipping is not saturated. It can not be since it’s neither a product nor a market, it’s just an ecommerce organisation version.

Bear in mind back in the 70s, the creator of Nike was purchasing sneakers independently from Japan and marketing them as he obtained orders in the United States. Dropshipping has actually been around for years, but it’s taken shape in various tools as the times and also technology have advanced. To make sure that covers whether dropshipping is saturated. It can’t be, it’s difficult. Yet I understand what you’re believing, there are still numerous items around to dropship as well as those products are all filled. Below’s the thing, a product can just be saturated in an offered market.

So these scrubbing handwear covers, for example, they can not in themselves be filled, they can only be filled in, for example, the United States or Florida. As well as only then if they have actually been marketed and sold to everyone that can perhaps want these gloves. So before you leave a remark informing me that an item is saturated, make certain you inform me where it’s saturated. Is it saturated in Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark? What about in the US? And if a product got 10,000 orders on AliExpress and also there are 230 million on-line customers in the US, there are most likely a few buyers entrusted to offer to in the United States. Actually, there are possibly thousands.

There is no such point as product saturation

And another thing, individuals slouch. I claim that because whenever we release a brand-new product suggestion video clip, we get comments about how the items that we’ve currently suggested must be filled. No, men, I desire, however we can track this stuff. Most individuals watch our video clips and also not do anything. They do not start their stores, they do not begin advertising and marketing, they don’t begin making dropshipping mistakes as well as understanding. The few that do are delighted to find that, “No, these items aren’t filled,” at least not in the 35 ePacket nations that they can offer to.

Consider the Biggest Variables Prior To You Start Dropshipping

There are new products as well as brand-new markets and new trends to be marketed to everyday. Ecommerce is booming. As well as now is still the excellent time to enter. Okay, so hopefully now I’ve resolved some doubts about the fact that dropshipping can function. Yet I know there are still some large concerns before you start dropshipping, and also among them is that you’re mosting likely to need a huge budget plan. People will certainly give you various guidance as to just how to budget for your first dropshipping company. Some individuals will say you need only $200 and also other individuals will claim you require at the very least $2,000. If you desire our advice on what budget plan to begin dropshipping with, look into this video. Besides the standard costs, the greatest variable in your budget plan will be marketing. Advertising and marketing is what can transform your preliminary spending plan from $200 to $2,000. However that depends on the advertising and marketing network you choose to attempt. For example, Instagram influencers will be less costly than Facebook ads when you’re simply getting started.

Another variable in your budget is applications. This could consist of apps that create urgency like countdown timers or applications that help you alter the language or money of your store. The expense of these apps vary, and you can operate a store with no applications in all, or you can load your store up on applications if you believe they are worth it. Incidentally, you can certainly construct a company without spending a lot on advertising. Yet you’ll require to pay with time. You can start a shop without any marketing spending plan if you make the effort to grow an Instagram community or a Facebook group beforehand. It’s challenging and it’s not fast, but it does work. Realistically you’ll require someplace between $300 as well as $1,000 to start dropshipping, yet do not invest the last $500 in your savings account to begin with this organisation. If this is your very first company, you’re going to experience some dropshipping failings and you’re probably not visiting a prompt return on that particular financial investment.

Save up for this venture. Cut down on your day-to-day lattes or lunches to conserve a minimum of $5 a day that you can put towards your Facebook advertisements in the New Year. By the way, if you’re seeking even more aid on budgeting for your organisation and also begin dropshipping, see to it to follow us on Instagram. However we’re always publishing content that lets you see really swiftly what you might do to spend your cash wisely on your brand-new company to start dropshipping earlier as opposed to later on.

Consider your cost variables before you start dropshipping

Ding: If you are looking at this line, then you can skip it. AliExpress dropshipping everyone knows, ANTDIY can do AliExpress dropshipping, but why can only be AliExpress? China’s supplier collection websites are far more than this one. 1688 is a supplier collection website that is larger than AliExpress and is the largest source website in China. It is a wise choice to use 1688 for dropshipping. But the problem is that 1688 is a Chinese website. You need translation to start 1688 dropshipping. ANTDIY can solve this problem. In addition to AliExpress dropshipping, ANTDIY can also do 1688 dropshipping, but this is still a membership function. You can send us an email to make an appointment. Start the brand new 1688 dropshipping.

Long Shipping Times Is an Outdated Rumor

Another big fear among new dropshippers is that shipping products from China takes months. This isn’t true. This is an outdated rumor and it’s really solved by ePacket shipping. EPacket shipping takes about two to three weeks and comes with free tracking. But best of all, it’s really cheap. If shipping from China really did take months, other dropshippers would not be able to have sustainable businesses. Some suppliers on AliExpress even have US or European warehouses that let them ship to local customers within five to seven days. By the way, if you’re interested in shipping products from the US to American customers, here’s our list of products that come from US warehouses.

I also wanna take the time to address something a little bit more sensitive than shipping times. US-China relations have been all over the news. And you may start seeing headlines or have seen headlines that make you worry that you won’t be able to start your business based on the state of those relations. There are no definitive answers as to what is happening yet. So our advice now is not to let these headlines scare you away from starting your business. When any major changes occur, we will be the first to let you know.

The Amazon Fear


Another huge fear that we’ve got to talk about is this, “Customers will just buy from Amazon instead.” This is one of the biggest fears new dropshippers have when they’re thinking about getting started. Yes, Amazon has one to two-day Prime shipping available. However, that does not mean that you can’t run a successful business, because the majority of our purchases are impulse buys. Your customers aren’t looking for those products yet, and therefore they’re not going to Amazon to look for them. When customers see something unique they’re willing to wait for that unique product whereas they’re a lot less likely to wait for say paper towels. Customers go to Amazon when they already know what they’re looking for, but your goal is to grab the attention of those customers before they know what they want and show them what they want. Hint: It’s your products.

Even if some customers do go to Amazon, that’s okay. Multi-million dollar businesses are built on the back of a 2 percent conversion rate, meaning 98 percent of people who visit these successful businesses bounce. That’s okay, that is still enough for you to grow your business. So don’t worry too much about dropshipping vs Amazon and focus on maximizing the good numbers of your business.

You Don’t Need to Be a Facebook Ads Expert


And a big roadblock for beginners is the belief that they need to be Facebook ads geniuses to succeed with dropshipping. Nobody is born an expert in anything, and that includes Facebook ads. It takes time and it takes money and it takes failure to really learn how Facebook marketing works. Keep this in mind when you’re spending money on Facebook ads, especially in the beginning, you’re spending money on your ecommerce education. It’s by spending money that you learn what works and what doesn’t. And it’s by spending money that your Facebook pixel learns what customers like, and what customers don’t.

Consider your cost variables prior to you begin dropshipping

a lot less likely to await claim paper towels. Clients go to Amazon when they currently recognize what they’re looking for, yet your goal is to get hold of the attention of those consumers prior to they know what they desire and also show them what they want. Tip: It’s your products.

Even if some clients do go to Amazon.com, that’s fine. Multi-million dollar companies are improved the rear of a 2 percent conversion price, meaning 98 percent of people that go to these effective services bounce. That’s all right, that is still enough for you to expand your business. So do not stress excessive regarding dropshipping vs Amazon.com as well as focus on making best use of the excellent numbers of your company.

Ding: If you are looking at this line, then you can skip it. AliExpress dropshipping everyone knows, ANTDIY can do AliExpress dropshipping, but why can only be AliExpress? China’s supplier collection websites are far more than this one. 1688 is a supplier collection website that is larger than AliExpress and is the largest source website in China. It is a wise choice to use 1688 for dropshipping. But the problem is that 1688 is a Chinese website. You need translation to start 1688 dropshipping. ANTDIY can solve this problem. In addition to AliExpress dropshipping, ANTDIY can also do 1688 dropshipping, but this is still a membership function. You can send us an email to make an appointment. Start the brand new 1688 dropshipping.

Getting Started With Dropshipping


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